Modelling and Evaluation of CCN-Caching Trees

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Ioannis Psaras, Richard G. Clegg, Raul Landa, Wei Koong Chai and George Pavlou
Networking 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (6640)
Networking Named Content (NNC) was recently proposed as
a new networking paradigm to realise Content Centric Networks (CCNs).
The new paradigm changes much about the current Internet, from secu-
rity and content naming and resolution, to caching at routers, and new
flow models. In this paper, we study the caching part of the proposed
networking paradigm in isolation from the rest of the suggested features.
In CCNs, every router caches packets of content and reuses those that
are still in the cache, when subsequently requested. It is this caching
feature of CCNs that we model and evaluate in this paper.
Our modelling proceeds both analytically and by simulation. Initially, we
develop a mathematical model for a single router, based on continuous
time Markov-chains, which assesses the proportion of time a given piece
of content is cached. This model is extended to multiple routers with
some simple approximations. The mathematical model is complemented
by simulations which look at the caching dynamics, at the packet-level,
in isolation from the rest of the flow.

This paper creates a simple mathematical model based on Markov chains which can model (with some simple assumptions) the type of cacheing trees seen in content centric networking. The model is tested with some simulation results.

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