My main research interests are complex networks and Internet network measurements. If you are self-funded and are interested in studying for a PhD with me at QMUL then please email me with a CV and details of your interest in the area mentioning that you read this page.

I am currently advertising a place for a Chinese Scholarship Council funded PhD supervised by Igancio Castro (first supervisor) and myself.

Tracking idea transfer in echo-chambers within and across social networks

Social networks are ubiquitous in modern life, they are a fun way to interact with friends as well as read news and pass on information. “Echo chambers” , are a well-known problem of social networks that reinforce the opinions of its users and lead to polarisation.

This project will look at the emergence and evolution of echo chambers and in particular at how new “ideas” and “topics” emerge and evolve and circulate between different echo chambers. This is a data-driven project that could be approached from a computational social-science and/or mathematical angle (depending on student preference). The project might use Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, and/or Natural Language Processing techniques. There is flexibility to shape the exact nature of the project around this core idea and the student will work with the supervisors to agree on the exact goals and methods.

Application closing date 31st January 2023.

Applications here

Please contact Igancio and me for more info.