Pushing Software Defined Networking to the access

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Richard G. Clegg, Jason Spencer, Raul Landa, Manoj Thakur, John Mitchell and Miguel Rio
European Workshop on Software Defined Networking (Budapest)
As Software Defined Networking (SDN) and in particular OpenFlow (OF) availability increases,
the desire to extend its use in other scenarios appears.
It would be appealing to include substantial parts of the network
under ~OF control but until recently this implied replacing much
of the hardware with OF enabled versions. There are some cases,
such as access networks in which the benefits
could be considerable but deal with a great amount of legacy equipment
that is difficult to replace. In this
case an alternative method of enabling OF on these devices would be
useful. In this paper we describe an architecture and software
which could enable OF on many access
technologies with minimal changes. The software
has been written and tested on a Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical
Network (GEPON).
The approach is engineered to be easily ported to any access
technology with
minimal requirements made on that hardware.

This paper reflects on experience gained from implementing OpenFlow on an access device. The architecture used involves a box at the front of the device for tagging traffic and using those tags to make the device present as a single large OpenFlow switch distributed in space. The system has been implemented and tested using OFtest.

Code is at https://github.com/richardclegg/xcpd

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