Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking

Pushing Software Defined Networking to the access

Workshop presentation
Budapest, Hungary

This is the talk for the European Workshop on Software Defined Networks. It describes the implementation of OpenFlow 1.0 on a Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network. The work describes a generic approach that should work on a number of different access technologies to make them OpenFlow ready. In specific, the work give details on what would be necessary to port the approach used to a new access device.

Software Defined Networking for access networks

Workshop presentation
Cosener's House Multi Service Networks

This talk describes my work in making an access device (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) OpenFlow enabled. This is done via a proxy which uses VLAN tagging. The software is public source and available This software should be adaptable to work with any access device of similar specification.

Pushing Software Defined Networking to the access

Workshop paper
European Workshop on Software Defined Networking (Budapest)

This paper reflects on experience gained from implementing OpenFlow on an access device. The architecture used involves a box at the front of the device for tagging traffic and using those tags to make the device present as a single large OpenFlow switch distributed in space. The system has been implemented and tested using OFtest.

Code is at

OpenFlow in the Access -- pushing OpenFlow to the last mile

Invited talk
Campinas, Brazil

Presentation to International Workshop for Trends in Future Communications, Campinas, Brazil

This presentation talks about UCL's work on Software defined networking (specifically OpenFlow) and, in particular, adding OpenFlow capabilities to GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Networking) devices.

Software-defined network support for transport resilience

Journal Paper
IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium

This paper is a development of the earlier ideas in PREFLEX --

In this case the focus is resilience within a data centre. In particular resilience at the network layer. If several paths are available to a destination the system known as INFLEX can support fail over between paths seamlessly using OpenFlow. In this case the system is tested using Openvswitch.

Content Based Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Information Centric Networks

Abhishek Chanda, Cedric Westphal and Dipankar Raychaudhuri

This paper describes Information Centric Networks over Software Defined Networks. Applications are

  1. Traffic engineering in ICN

  2. Content based firewall

  3. Network wide cache management

Per-flow granularity not sufficient for content based routing. Some routing can be done based on content length. Meta-data is extracted from ICN interest and data packets. This can be via

  1. Network layer extraction of content length – classified into mouse/ elephant.


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