Research about modelling aspects of networks.

Conference paper
Networking 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (6641)

This paper considers the problem of balancing traffic across network egresses. It achieves a workable solution using a scalable packet market scheme which couples end-hosts controlling their own connection with an overall controller which can select routes appropriately for each flow.

The flows are balanced to seek paths which minimise loss.

Journal Paper
IET Software 6(3) p. 470--479

This paper creates software models of how P2P network topologies could wire up. It considers the possible strategies such as connecting to close nodes, connecting to random links and so on. Resilience and delay are considered.

Conference paper
36th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks

This paper looks at the implementation of a live streaming peer-to-peer video system. The system is a hybrid which can cope with live streaming and video on demand.

Conference paper
7th International Conference on Network and Service Management CNSM mini-conference

This paper looks at monitoring in virtual networks. It introduces an emulated router testbed which can emulate hundreds of routers on networked machines.

Journal Paper
IET Communications, Volume 6, issue 4, p. 449-457

This paper looks at the problem of sending data using a variation on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. In this variant frequencies are packed slightly closer. This means the frequencies are no longer orthogonal but more may be packed into a given amount of spectrum.

Journal Paper
IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol.62, no.6, pp.1207,1220

This paper considers the problems of placing management or monitoring nodes in a dynamic network. It trades off:
1) Selecting long-lived nodes
2) Selecting optimal nodes for traffic (close to the nodes they manage).


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