Conference paper
Proc. of International Conference on Telecommunications

This paper looks at a new way to use multiple channels in ad-hoc sensor networks. It consists of two parts:
1) A protocol that allows a node, when sent a particular message, to attempt to change channel (reliably with a fall-back if the new channel is subject to interference).
2) An algorithm run at a single "command" node that selects which nodes should change channel according to a graph colouring problem.

The work is tested in simulation using Cooja (which simulates Contiki based sensor nodes).

Paper review
Deep Diving into BitTorrent Locality
Ruben Cuevans -- Univ Carlos III de Madrid, Nikolaos Laoutaris, Xiaoyuan Yang, Georgos Siganos and Pablo Rodriguez

This paper looks at P2P traffic over bittorrent from a large database of torrents. The paper considers the effects of localising bittorrent traffic on performance and ISP cost saving.

Data: The data set is one of the impressive things about this paper. 100K torrents of which 40K active. Demographics from 3.9M concurrent users and 21M total users over a day from 11K ISPs. Speed test results from ookla and iplane.

Journal Paper
IET Software 6(3) p. 470--479

This paper creates software models of how P2P network topologies could wire up. It considers the possible strategies such as connecting to close nodes, connecting to random links and so on. Resilience and delay are considered.

Conference paper
36th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks

This paper looks at the implementation of a live streaming peer-to-peer video system. The system is a hybrid which can cope with live streaming and video on demand.

Conference paper
Networking 2012, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (7290)

This paper considers the tradeoffs when ISPs collaborate with content providers for mutual benefit.

Workshop paper
Proceedings from IEEE INFOCOM Workshop, Global Internet Symposium

This paper considers the idea of using fractal space filling curves to locate nearby items in an overlay topology.

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