Conference presentation
IEEE International Conference on Communications, Budapest (ICC 2013)

This is a talk about TCP throughput and how it relates to network parameters such as delay, loss and flow length. The full paper is the ICC paper.

Conference paper
Presented at IFIP/Networking

This paper describes the collection and analysis of a very large collection of delay data. The data is collected using the Turbo King method (recursive queries of Domain Name Servers). A model is given to fit the data. The data is analysed by continent.

It is shown that there is a strong relationship between delay and Haversine distance (the distance across the surface of the earth). However, this relationship breaks down in specific cases and occasionally, for some continent pairs, the opposite relationship is shown (longer distance is shorter delay).

Conference paper
Proceedings of the International Conference on Communications, pp. 2502-2506

This paper tries to establish the relationship between TCP throughput and fundamental qualities like round trip time, flow size and loss. The approach is data driven considering large numbers of publicly available data sources.

Journal Paper
IET Communications, 3(6) p. 957-96

This paper describes the initial results from the MASTS project a measurement project focusing on the JANET UK academic network.


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