The performance of locality-aware topologies for peer-to-peer live streaming

Paper type: 
Journal Paper
Richard G. Clegg, Raul Landa, David Griffin, Eleni Mykoniati and Miguel Rio
IET Software 6(3) p. 470--479
This paper is concerned with the e ect of overlay network topology on the performance of live streaming peer-to-peer systems. The paper focuses on the evaluation of topologies which are aware of the delays experienced between di erent peers on the network. Metrics are de ned which assess the topologies in terms of delay, bandwidth usage and resilience to peer drop-out. Several topology creation algorithms are tested and the metrics are measured in a simple simulation testbed. This gives an assessment of the type of gains which might be expected from locality awareness in peer-to-peer networks.
This paper creates software models of how P2P network topologies could wire up. It considers the possible strategies such as connecting to close nodes, connecting to random links and so on. Resilience and delay are considered.
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This is an expanded version of a paper presented at the UK Performance Engineering Workshop.