Modelling the Tradeoffs in Overlay-ISP Cooperation

Paper type: 
Conference paper
Raul Landa, Eleni Mykoniati, Richard G. Clegg, David Griffin and Miguel Rio
Networking 2012, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (7290)
The increasing demand for efficient content distribution using the In- ternet has fuelled the deployment of varied techniques such as peer-to-peer over- lays, content distribution networks and distributed caching systems. These have had considerable impact on ISP infrastructure demand, motivating the develop- ment of protocols that enable mutually beneficial cooperative outcomes. In this paper we propose a parameterised cooperation utility that can be used to study the tradeoff between the benefit that an overlay obtains from the ISPs that carry its traffic and the costs that it imposes on them. With this utility, we find a closed-form expression for the optimal resource allocation given a particular co- operation tradeoff, subject to both minimal benefit and maximal cost constraints. Since this model is based only on general assumptions regarding overlay and ISP preferences, it is implementation-independent and can be used to explore the common foundations of a large class of ISP-aware overlays. Since the model solution has very modest computational demands, it is ideal for large scale sim- ulation. We explore the properties of the proposed model through simulation in both a simple illustrative scenario and a more complete one based on network measurements. The results obtained from the model are shown to be consistent with those of measurement-based studies of overlay-ISP collaboration.
This paper considers the tradeoffs when ISPs collaborate with content providers for mutual benefit.
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